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Flash Cards is a program to help with the memorization of foreign language by simulating traditional paper flash cards.

A screenshot of Flash Cards.

A screenshot of Flash Cards.

This program actually works. I just haven’t written any documentation for it.

It is (kind of) localized in English, Japanese, and German. You can open word lists as comma-delimited text files or as excel spreadsheets. Text files can be of unlimited length, while excel is limited to 150 rows (including header). Word lists are composed of 4 columns:

  1. foreign word
  2. foreign part-of-speech/note
  3. native part-of-speech/note
  4. native word

Once the wordlist is loaded, navigation should be pretty straight-forward. Right/Left or <,> keys for Next and Previous. Space to toggle between foreign and native words (“flip” the card).

Also, the program will check for updates automatically.

Download Flash Cards: