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I recently joined the Lionbridge Internet Assessor program. I found it difficult and slightly annoying that their time sheet requires a high level of detail, but that the rating system offers no way to automatically track those details, such as time spent per task. To make it easier for me to keep track of this information, I wrote a little specialized stopwatch or timer program for Windows which I call RaterCounter.

The program is for Windows, and requires .NET 4.0 (you should be prompted for .NET to be installed when you install RaterCounter, if .NET is not already on your computer). The program will automatically check for updates and ask if you want to upgrade after starting the program.

It is a very simple program that I wrote primarily for my own use, so there really is no “help”, some parts of the program may not be self-explanatory, and there may be bugs. If you use it, please keep this in mind. However, feel free to leave comments and feedback in the comment section of this post. You can also help by taking a survey.

New in version 1.6.2 is the ability to “popout” tasks into their own mini windows. I added this helpful feature because I like to have easy access to the +1 button, but keeping the main window always pinned sometimes covers up too much of the browser. The popout is much smaller and stays on top, so you can access the +1 button even when the main window is hidden from view.